Private health insurance for your baby

You expect a baby. That’s great! We wish you all the best for your pregnancy and the birth! We are used to assisting expats with their insurance issues and happy to help with your to be born baby as well.

So, in general, it’s easy: Your health insurance company is legally obliged to give coverage to your new born baby regardless any health condition.

Public or private health insurance?

Basically: If you are both in the German public health insurance system then your baby can get coverage through the family-insurance free of charge. If you have a private health insurance contract then your baby needs to get a private contract, too. With an own premium, of course.

If you’re a couple and not both in the same system then this question is a bit more complicated. And the answer is in most cases easy: Are you married? If not: Daddy isn’t interesting. In case of a not married mother the baby is to be insured just as the mother is.

If you are married then it depends: Is one of you two in the private system then the baby can’t be insured in the public system for free. At least in general. In detail it depends on who earns more. If the one in the private system earns less than the other one things may be different. Depending on other details. We’re happy to answer the question with your given details.

My insurance company or another one?

Basically there is no advantage of having the contracts with the same company. There is no group discount or family price in the private health insurance. But not every company is willing to cover children of parents who are not their customers. So the standard way is to notify your contract partner (through us if you want cashback) and they will cover your baby immediately (as they have to). Only in case of

a) you are not satisfied with your tariff and
b) your child is completely healthy at birth

we can offer you some attractive alternatives from the market. In all other cases there is a strong reason to stay with your company: Their obligation to enter into a contract. They are legally forced to take the babies of their customers regardless any circumstances (as long as you are there for at least three months yourself and you notify them within two months after the birth).

Cashback for you

You have to get an insurance coverage for your baby. And there is at least one company in the market that has to cover your baby. But even if the business is completely unavoidable there is a commission for it. If you notify your insurance company with us we will receive this comission of approximately 7 to 8 monthly premiums. And we will share it 50:50 with you. This means about 250 to 500 Euros cashback for you within six to eight weeks after birth. Nice, hm?

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We are happy to assist and answer all your questions. And of course we will guide you through the full process.